Jean and C.H. "Scram" Graham Leadership Award

Jean and C.H. "Scram" Graham Leadership Award Requirements

Every outstanding university depends greatly upon the loyal service of its alumni and friends. Scram ’35 and Jean ‘36 Graham. Scram joined the alumni association of his alma mater in 1961 as the Executive Director and served for seventeen years. Jean and Scram's abiding love for Oregon State University, their strong commitment to maintaining OSU traditions and ideals, and their loyal and tireless support of the University deserve special recognition. In their honor this award is given.

Eligibility Considerations:

  1. Open to any alumnus, friend, or member of the OSU family who has volunteered time and service to the Alumni Association on the board of directors of worked for the OSU Alumni Association
  2. Significance of service will be considered
  3. Integrity of recipient and demonstrated service to the Association must be of such high quality as to inspire others to emulate the standards Jean and Scram represent
  4. Must be willing to receive the award in person at the awards ceremony

Those Ineligible for Nominations:

  1. A candidate for any public office
  2. One currently serving as a member of the OSU Alumni Association Board of Directors or the OSU Foundation Board of Trustees
  3. Any current Oregon State University or OSU Foundation employee


  1. Nominations for the award are encouraged from any source
  2. All nominations shall be kept confidential
  3. Forms for making nominations shall be furnished by the Alumni Office and are available at the link below
  4. Nominations may be made at any time. If a nominee is not selected the first year they are nominated their file will remain active for two years following their nomination.

Past Award Recipients

2000 - Jean and C.H. "Scram" Graham
2001 - Lee Souder
2002 - John & Dorothy Fenner
2004 - Millie and Terry Elder
2005 - Joanne Talbert
2006 - Peggy Wood
2007 - Nancy Austin McCoy
2008 - Thomas A. "Tad" Davies
2009 - Johnnie and Carol Rice
2010 - Eric Schoenstein
2011 - Allen Leggett
2012 - Jim and Julie Searcy
2013 - Bill Perry
2014 - Penny Atkins
2015 - David Andersen
2016 - Pamela Knowles
2017 - Pat Egan
2018 - Joth Ricci
2021 - Wade Westhoff