Faculty Support and Excellence

Standout faculty members infuse energy and ingenuity into their programs, spark curiosity in students, make game-changing discoveries and push innovation across Oregon State University.

Donors play a critical role in OSU’s ability to attract and retain some of the world’s top educators, scientists and scholars in their fields. Every gift supporting these OSU faculty positions has a ripple effect on the excellence of the university and makes a life-altering impact on students.









Endowed and Named Faculty Support Funds

Endowed and named faculty support funds honor nationally and internationally known scholars, educators, researchers and leaders in their fields – empowering them to undertake groundbreaking research, develop exceptional learning opportunities for students and forge new paths in their field.



Faculty support endowment levels

This chart shows the minimum gift levels to endow faculty and coaching position funds.


Table of gift levels to endow fellowships








Endowed and Named Positions

Learn about the 170+ endowed and named faculty support funds across Oregon State University